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Board of Pharmacy recommends eliminating cigarette and tobacco sales in pharmacies

The California Board of Pharmacy recommends that pharmacies and stores that contain pharmacies no longer sell cigarettes and tobacco products.
At their October 29, 2014 meeting, board members unanimously approved a policy statement that recommends the elimination of tobacco product sales in pharmacies.
The statement reads:
“The California State Board of Pharmacy recognizes that pharmacists are health care providers and pharmacies are in the business of improving customer health; therefore the board recommends that pharmacies and chain stores that include pharmacies eliminate the sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes and tobacco products, as these products are known to cause cancer, heart disease, lung disease and other health problems.”
Board President Stan Weisser said board members could not justify the sale of tobacco products, which have been proven to contribute to patient health issues and death, in the public health setting of a pharmacy, or even in a store that contains a pharmacy.
“The Board of Pharmacy’s paramount mandate is to protect consumers. This recommendation sends a clear and consistent message that combining tobacco sales and a pharmacy within the same business is not in the best interests of public health,” Weisser said.
Weisser said the tobacco product recommendation coincides with the board’s development of regulations which will allow a pharmacist to furnish nicotine replacement products to assist with smoking cessation.
“In the near future, California pharmacists will play a greater role in providing health care and tobacco products have no place in that,” he said.
The California State Board of Pharmacy protects and promotes the health and safety of California consumers by pursuing the highest quality of pharmacist care and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals through education, communication, licensing, legislation, regulation and enforcement.

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